An April 19 NBC news article discussed a famous Hollywood star’s announcement that her now seven-year-old child, assigned a male at birth, was transgender. The article quoted her as saying, “I thought she was a boy, too. Until she looked at me at 3 years old and said, ‘I am not a boy!’”

The mother’s action begs the question: Who’s the adult in the house? Obviously, for a child to move from a biological male to a “female” is a significant change in life. The article didn’t mention whether hormone therapy would be introduced but, regardless, the child’s “decision” at age three will be forever life-changing. When did three-year-old children begin to make such life-changing decisions for themselves? Has America become so sexualized and identity-oriented that we’ve lost all common sense in such matters?

It appears the transgendering of children is becoming more common. How is it that a three-year-old can make such a decision? I doubt the mother would allow the child to ride a bike in the street alone or drive her car. Most states don’t allow children to drive until 16. Age restrictions are in place for a reason – children are immature, and lack reasoning skills and life experience.

Why then are parents transgendering children based upon a spontaneous statement or any other reason for that matter? A child’s intellect and experience wouldn’t support such decision-making. How can any child choose his gender when he has no basis upon which to make the decision?

Any sensible parent wouldn’t consider allowing a three-year-old to move across the country or overseas just because they stated they wanted to live elsewhere. It would be ludicrous to do so. This child’s situation is no different.

One can logically argue a three-year-old may ask to be anything before he/she reaches an age of maturity and personal accountability. This mother made a life-transforming decision that has far-reaching consequences based solely upon a childish whim.

What if her child’s statement about not being a boy was based on nothing other than a television program he watched, playing with another child, or a comment he overheard his mother say to a friend? What if at age eight he decides he doesn’t want to be a girl? Does he transgender back? If so, what if at age nine he shifts again not wanting to be a boy? Children are known to change their mind without reason.

Given the significant degree of effort put into transgender therapies, both hormonal and surgical, what happens at the point the one transgendering, or being transgendered, determines either they or someone acting on their behalf made a mistake? How does one that had such significant mental, physiological, biological, and emotional transformation turn back the tide if they desire to do so? What is the cost they must face given a wrong decision made for them by another?

At a minimum, wouldn’t it be wiser for children being transgendered at such young ages to be allowed to make the decision on their own when they are mature enough to do so? Isn’t parenting about making “adult” decisions for someone that isn’t able to do so? Children’s decisions are innately childish and to make decisions of such magnitude based on the simple statement of a child is itself foolish.

This, of course, doesn’t even account for genders having been recognized as male or female since the beginning of time in all cultures. And, that God created only male and female (Matthew 5:2). It’s only been in the last few years that gender roles have contradicted what science and society have clearly defined throughout the ages.

These decisions deny science. The head of the American College of Pediatricians, Dr. Michelle Cretalla, recently stated, “Medicine is at the point now where we understand that men and women have – at a minimum – 6,500 genetic differences between us. This impacts every cell of our body.” Because of this, it’s impossible for transgendering not to have consequences that are yet to be known or seen. Anytime man tampers with God’s design, consequences are unleashed.

Maybe this mother’s son, and other children, would want the opportunity to determine the gender lifestyle they are to lead based on their adult evaluation of the historical, scientific, spiritual, and societal views of the sexes. At that point, they may not agree with their parent’s evaluation of what their gender should be once they’re intellectually capable of making the decision.

The consequences of the transgender issues of the past few years have yet to be realized. This boy’s chromosomes, as for all other children, have determined his sex and it’s unalterable, try as this mother may. Regardless of what his mother says, does, or allows, his XY chromosomes won’t change. What will change will be his life – dramatically and likely irrevocably.

Parents of transgender children – give your kids a chance. Give them the opportunity to determine their future when they become adults. Lay your personal motivations aside. The belief this three-year-old boy, or any child, would understand what decision he was making regarding gender is absurd at best and psychologically and physiologically abusive at worst.

For mainstream America – if we don’t wake up and engage this battle for our and other children soon, we will one day wake up and find the battle in our home or our local school. It may then be too late.