As a proud grandpa for a second time, I was again amazed at God’s miracle-making ability. He never ceases to amaze me with His creation and especially with new births.

With the abortion debate raging around the nation, I immediately thought about how anyone can take the life of such a miracle. I cannot wrap my mind around the mentality of one that can only see a baby as sub-human, even below that of a caterpillar.

4D ultrasound has removed any question as to the humanness of a baby in the womb. What we once couldn’t see, we now definitively see as a baby and not a “clump of cells” or “product of conception”. Even in the first few weeks after conception, there is no doubt a human is in the womb, not a valueless mass of nothingness.

How is it then that a large segment of our nation continues to aggressively fight to kill baby humans in the womb despite undeniable scientific evidence as to what they are killing? More specifically, why are they more emboldened in recent years to move the goal posts of the murder later and later into the pregnancy? Just recently, a Virginia state delegate agreed that her legislation would allow for fetal termination during the dilation stage of delivery. Virginia’s Governor Ralph Northam, when asked about that legislation, arguably made the case for infanticide.

Seven states presently have laws allowing for late-term abortion. Rhode Island and Virginia have been seeking to become the eighth and ninth. Fortunately, Virginia’s proposed legislation didn’t make it out of committee.

Pro-Death proponents leave no doubt about their value of life; there is none. If the life of the babies of their own species merits less value than a caterpillar, what does the future hold for the disabled, elderly, unproductive, and even the life of those they oppose or feel oppose them? If they ever fully regain political power on a national level will those be the next in their crosshairs?

Darkness can be scary and America is facing scary times. Darkness seems to be exponentially increasing on myriad fronts. The recent debate about late-term abortion brings to light the horrific darkness that is upon this nation. A nation that will murder its own on the altar of selfish convenience or to eliminate the “unworthy” will stop at nothing. Morality under those conditions is non-existent among those that support such heinous acts.

What is behind the darkness? Simple: SIN. It’s the age-old issue that goes back to the Garden of Eden where the serpent deceived Adam and Eve. Those living in darkness are just as deceived today as Adam and Eve were in the garden. They are blind, deaf, and spiritually dead according to Scripture. Unfortunately, deception is powerful because those deceived, by its definition, do not realize it.

God speaks plainly in Scripture to the murder of innocent life. God hates hands that shed innocent blood. I can think of nothing more innocent than a baby in the womb. They are defenseless and entirely innocent.

The only thing that will overcome the darkness of abortion is the light of Jesus Christ. Until minds that are blind, ears that are deaf, and souls that are spiritually dead are overcome by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, abortion will continue. Pro-Lifers can march every day, politicians can offer stronger pro-life legislation, and sidewalk advocates can pray with and share the myriad reasons why a child should live. I support all of those. But, until hearts are transformed to know the evil of abortion and the sin therein, there is no logical reason for them to stop. Why, because what they are doing is already logical to them.

A society that kills its most innocent and defenseless will not experience the blessings and favor of God. The U.S. has murdered over 60 million of its future doctors, electricians, teachers, and leaders to date. When will it stop? It will stop when my heart, your heart, and every heart is overcome by the wonderful truth that God is a holy, righteous, just, and loving God. When we, as a nation, know the depth of our depravity and see there is but one answer for forgiveness for the murder of the innocent babies and all other sin, abortion will end. That day cannot come too soon for those that will lose their life to abortion. Until then, the “180” Movie may help you to see the light.